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Le Hohneck

Departure from the route display panel on the edge of the Gaschney station parking lot. Round trip to the summit of Hohneck (1363m, 3rd highest in the massif) passing the Petit Hohneck and the Schafferthal pass.
A classic itinerary that is often followed, you will find an almost permanent trace.
Some technical passages requiring conversions. Possible descent by red tracks to reach your starting point.

Special precautions
Dangerous Hohneck summit in case of bad weather conditions limit yourself to the 1st summit (Petit Hohneck) in this case, do not park on the downhill ski slope.


Before you go out

  • Carefully prepare your route
  • Make sure that your ski level (uphill and downhill) matches the difficulty level of the chosen itinerary
  • Check the weather and the latest information on avalanche risks
  • Make sure that you and each member of your group has complete and working safety equipment (DVA, shovel, probe) and that you know how to use it
  • Be sure to test the DVA broadcast of each of your friends accompanying you and remember to reposition yours to broadcast mode as well before you leave on your route.


During your outing

  • You are responsible for your own safety
  • Never leave alone or at least inform your family and friends of your exit and your itinerary
  • Any departure from the itinerary is strongly discouraged, it may compromise your safety and engages your responsibility.
  • Do not rely on the existing physical tracks of other skiers for your navigation, but only on the physical signs of the directional beacons and other signs
  • You are in a fragile natural environment, please preserve it, especially by scrupulously respecting the markings
  • Beware of rapidly changing weather patterns. In case of poor visibility, return and postpone your exit

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